Mosses have actually root-like appendages called rhizoids, which drive into the tile to anchor themselves onto the roofing. The mosses as a result construct a thicker layer of soil by capturing windblown dust in their interlocking system of origins and upraised stems.

Consequently, the accumulation of soil helps with both algae and lichen growth, and implement the advancement of greater plants with actual origins. Since mosses anchor themselves onto the roof shingles physical elimination triggers long-term damages and will considerably accelerate the requirement for roofing replacement. Throughout Winter months, when moss ices up, it expands, which can additionally trigger splitting up or fracturing of the roof shingles.  The complete removal of moss takes time, usually a couple rainfalls but can take upwards of 2 months to clear completely.  The reason for that is the mosses root system.  Much of the moss will come off with a rinse but what remains needs time to dry up and deroot. 

The only way to completely remove moss the day of treatment is with high pressure.  No professional will ever use a pressure washer on a roof as it will surely damage the shingles and void your manufacturers warranty.  If moss isn’t completely clear within 2 months of treatment, we will come back out to do another rinse to remove what remains.  

All-Star Softwash specializes in eliminating these harmful growths and offers a YEAR WARRANTY on all our complete roof cleaning services.  We are the company to call if you want your roof cleaning done right.